In the Gallery March 13 - May 17

Linda Dubin Garfield, Amy Iversen, Race Kuhn


Meet the Artists Reception

Thursday, March 21, 5-7pm, FREE

The Gallery Committee is excited to announce the next art exhibition at the Clubhouse. Join us for a very special exhibit of work by these brilliant local artists. Please plan to visit the exhibition during Club hours and join us at the Artists’ Opening Reception to experience the extraordinary creativity of these artists. Light refreshments will be served. 

The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held Thursday, March 21, 5-7pm. Members and artists are encouraged to invite friends and guests.  Mark your calendars for these exciting and stimulating exhibits! Cosmopolitan Club Members and their Guests, Artists and their Patrons are most welcome to attend. 

Club members and their guests can 
Artists and their guests can REGISTER HERE.

Guests can email Reservations to make arrangements to view the exhibit during Club hours.


Linda Dubin Garfield: The mystery of memory and the enchantment of place

Linda Dubin Garfield will unveil a captivating exhibition that intricately weaves visual memoirs through the fusion of traditional printmaking, mixed media, and digital technology. As an award-winning printmaker and mixed media artist, Linda embarks on a dynamic artistic journey that delves into the mystery of memory and the enchantment of place.

Inspired by her love of travel, Linda's creations serve as abstract reflections of her expressive response to the colors and patterns encountered during her journeys. The artworks offer viewers a nuanced exploration of the emotional and sensory experiences embedded in the landscapes, moments, and images that have left an indelible mark on her.

Linda's artistic repertoire extends beyond the canvas, as she founded ARTsisters in 2005—a collaborative space empowering professional artists and their communities. In 2007, she initiated smART business consulting, dedicating herself to guiding emerging artists on the business side of their craft.

Note the harmonious interplay of traditional and experimental techniques—monotype, silkscreen, stencil, image transfer, and drawing, in her works. Her focus on the process, coupled with a commitment to living her artistic dream, infuses each piece with vitality and authenticity. Join us in experiencing Linda Dubin Garfield's exhibition, where every stroke reveals a narrative, inviting the audience to share in the joy of rediscovering their own moments of inspiration and connection.

Amy Iversen: Honoring craft history and global cultures

With an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts and a master's degree from the University of the Arts, Amy Iversen’s artistic journey spans teaching, art conservation, and graphic design. Working at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and design collaborations with cultural organizations underscores her commitment to diverse creative expressions. Rooted in oil painting from an early age, her recent practice aligns with the early 20th century American and Russian impressionist painters which emphasizes the use of color and light to define a subject.
In 2011, Iversen was inspired to revisit the craft of enameling and metalsmithing. Primarily self-taught, she enjoys exploring alternative techniques in enamel and metal. In jewelry, she honors craft history and global cultures, crafting each piece as a unique art form that celebrates the inherent beauty of the materials. Beyond creation, her dedication extends to preserving handcraft traditions, educating the public on enameling, and ensuring the continuity of these timeless practices. Each creation becomes a wearable testament to the enduring spirit of craftsmanship, linking past and present in a celebration of art’s timeless allure.

Race Kuhn: Interplay of human rights, sexuality, and relentless pulse of social media

Race Kuhn's art invites you into a world where acceptance, transformation, and reconciliation converge in a vibrant tapestry of abstract collage. A self-taught multi-medium artist hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kuhn transforms recycled paper with acrylic paints to create her own unique meditation on the human experience. Controversial images of nudity and religious iconography, gracefully woven together, offer a peaceful exploration of the artist's mind.
In each canvas, Race’s feministic voice resonates, seamlessly intertwining connections across time and the freedom of choice. Her art, awarded first prize in abstract art at Gallery on the Avenue, exudes balance amid chaos, prompting viewers to ponder the delicate interplay between human rights, sexuality, and the relentless pulse of social media. Experience the juxtaposition of tender awareness, delicately woven into narratives that challenge without jarring.
Kuhn's metamorphic journey to an artist's birth in 2018 finds expression in galleries such as Vox Populi Gallery, ArtWRKD Gallery and NoName Gallery, among others. Join the exploration of Kuhn's art—where each piece becomes a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diverse elements in our complex world.